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Internally, the A8 processor used for the Apple TV has been switched out for the bit A10X Fusion Chip, giving the Apple TV more performance when used for graphically intensive apps such as games, as well as making it easily capable of handling 4K video footage. The accompanying Siri Remote is functionally identical to the version released with the fourth-gen Apple TV. At the top is a glass touch surface for navigating menu screens, as well as dual microphones for issuing requests to Siri. Internally, the Siri Remote includes an accelerometer and three-axis gyroscope, and Bluetooth 4.

An IR transmitter and Lightning connector for charging are also built into the handset. The only change between the original Siri Remote and this version is the addition of a white circle around the Menu button. It is likely that this addition is intended to make orienting the remote the right way around easier in low light situations.

There is also support for Dolby Digital 5. The platform allows content producers and app developers to easily create apps for the set-top boxes, which has led to a steady increase in the number of available services that users can use. As of August , there are over 1, video apps that work with the Apple TV. For the 4K model, video services can take advantage of both the higher resolution and HDR for their content catalogs. Netflix has been named as adding support to its tvOS app for 4K content in the near future, and Amazon Prime Video have been named as bringing its 4K catalog later this year.

Other app categories can also be created for tvOS, including shopping interfaces, social apps, and games, the latter of which can take advantage of third-party Bluetooth game pads and the stock remote. All of the apps are also able to respond to a Bluetooth-connected keyboard, making it easier for users to enter text into apps. A key part of tvOS is the ability to use Siri, Apple's famous digital assistant. Using the dedicated button on the Siri Remote, users can speak queries into the remote's dual microphones, with the results displayed on-screen. Siri can be used to search for movies and TV shows, to control playback, and for typical non-video queries usually handled by Siri on iOS devices, such as weather reports and sports scores.

There is also support for AirPlay 2, a connectivity protocol introduced with the HomePod and arriving later in This will allow the Apple TV to control multiple AirPlay 2-compatible speakers, alongside any traditionally connected speakers as part of a home theater system, effectively making it possible for the audio from a TV show or movie played on the Apple TV 4K to be heard throughout a household.

Home users will also be able to force the Apple TV 4K to match the HDR settings of content instead of defaulting to the fastest available frame rate in a future update. The beta of tvOS Currently in beta, the tvOS More robust AirPlay 2 support is also provided in a limited fashion, where devices running iOS This allows the set-top box to control other HomeKit-compatible appliances and accessories, including when the user is outside the home. We also use Sumac to manage membership renewals, communications to members, and manage all of our other contacts. Sumac is very user friendly and intuitive.

Sumac is also easy to maintain and does not require database management training or technical support staff. The data conversion process from our old system to Sumac was smooth. The Sumac team was highly responsive to our needs and very adept in converting our data quickly. HPCO selected Sumac as a solutions partner and endorsed Sumac to our membership because we feel it is the best product to meet the range of needs of our diverse membership. Sumac provides very helpful support. They are only a phone call away and sometimes you are able to speak with someone immediately.

Nothing - I need to get used to the system. As with any new to you system it takes a little time to get used to it and the more you use it the easier it becomes. I can't say enough good things about it. All of them fall far short in design, flexibility, and the ability to customize it and extract the information you want out plus it is less expensive. Customer service is still good, although not as good as it used to be. However, the tutorial videos are very easy to access, use and follow; so most of the time if it's after-hours or if you are impatient like me you can figure the question out yourself.

Bottom line I think you are doing yourself and your organization a disservice if you don't check it out. I learned about Sumac through my graduate course work. To my knowledge, it is the only CRM that offers a free version with everything a startup nonprofit needs. I have been able to easily manage my contacts and donations with the database. The mail merge feature and group emailing capabilities are a huge time saver.

I look forward to Ballet Vero Beach growing with Sumac and expanding our capabilities as our needs change. As an aside, I recently had a problem with my database when an update was installed on the Sumac software. I called customer service and actually spoke with Peter Turk one of the developers of the software! Where else can you get customer service like that on a free service?

I can attest that improved efficiency in our data management and communications in the last five years is directly associated to Sumac. Most notably, it has assisted our strategies to more fully integrate audience development and private sector undraising campaigns. When I recommend Sumac to colleagues at other not-for-profit organizations, the first thing I endorse is their terrific customer service which seems in tune and crafted perfectly for organizations with limited overhead and resources.

Peter Turk and his associates are responsive, approachable, knowledgeable, caring and willing to adjust programs so that they work for our organization, rather than our organization working around their system. Sumac fits our needs: The software is easy to use. I personally did not do any training with it, but I am able to go in and access data whenever I need. With any software, there are limits to the customization.

Sumac has been great in providing some customization, but we are a very unique organization and sometimes it is difficult to fit what we need into a software. The new reports are fine. The data entry is easy. I like that it is in the cloud. The telephone support is very helpful. You can not export to excel. You cannot delete mistakes. You are not able to make custom reports, with name, address and donation amount. I've been using Sumac for 3 years now. The customer service is amazing and the team is extremely responsive to customer requests both for help and new features. The system is reasonably intuitive and robust.

The only thing that keeps me from giving it 5 stars across the board is it is still occasionally awkward to pull donor lists for mailings that don't have both individual members of a household as well as the household itself. I have recommended Sumac to several other administrators in the not for profit industry. You cannot beat it for bang for buck. Having compared it to larger systems like RE , I would gladly stick with Sumac for usability, robustness and customer service.

As Artistic Producer, I was the only one with enough institutional memory to be able to use these documents, which meant hours of my time sorting to generate useable reports and mailing lists. Since starting SUMAC, accessing and using data has become a staff-wide activity ' we are all able to access our database and use it on our daily work whether that's identifying donors, quickly finding information on groups and schools who have attended our shows, or managing our email and snail mail lists. It's really helped to move our management of data to the next level. The customer service was great; Brandon was very patient and kind with me and provided great support throughout the process.

The instruction manual was not helpful whatsoever and actually quite burdensome. I was given documents to help us begin our work, but they were scripts, not instruction manuals. Because of this, I had to literally work through a script word for word even had to search for specific words , as opposed to simply an instruction sheet with headlines of simple things like "How to create reviewers Further, the scripts informed me that I could watch video tutorials, but there was no video tutorial for Awarding Grants so I spent time searching through the videos and watching the wrong videos in the hopes that I could find this specific video.

Only after I emailed cust support,I discover that the video was not yet available. This was not only not helpful, but it set me back significantly. Instead of having an option to simply read step by step instructions, I had to continuously re-read and scan these scripts or email him for specific instructions.

Switching to Sumac has been one of the best decisions we have made as an organization. It has allowed us to gain better control of our information and do a much better job of connecting with our donors and volunteers.

We love how easy it is to use and how quickly new staff members and administrative volunteers are able to learn to use Sumac effectively. This means a huge savings in the time and money related to training compared to other donor databases we have used. We loved Sumac when we started using and it just keeps getting better with every release. We can't say enough about how much we appreciate the responsiveness of the Sumac development team.

This year we upgraded to Sumac from eTapestry. We are amazed at how fast and efficient Sumac is compared to a database that resides online. Our daily processing of communications and incoming donations has dramatically shifted from a full-time endeavor to a quick, easy and straightforward task. Furthermore, we love the simple design of Sumac and its visual functionality when managing queries and lists.

Before Sumac, the majority of the staff stayed far away from our database because of its over-complicated interface. Sumac has proved to be extremely accessible to everyone working at Sky Works. We are all happy to be riding on the Sumac train! We switched to Sumac from a tailor-made FileMaker Pro database system and couldn't be more satisfied. Sumac integrates all areas of our operations, which is something no other database software has been able to do for us. It has streamlined our processes and increased our productivity, making it possible for us to reach new levels in our programming, fundraising and marketing initiatives.

The Sumac team are continually adding increased functionality to the program. They respond immediately to questions, often anticipating our needs and going a step or two further to develop new solutions to increase our efficiency, without even being asked. We are close to a year in now using Sumac and still we love it! Having been through other excruciating data migrations, I have been thrilled with how effective and responsive the team at Sumac has been.

While we've certainly hit [to be expected] bumps, each time Sumac has quickly found a good solution for us. Even more than that, they seem to truly welcome our input re enhancements! As we continue to delve into doing even more in Sumac we're extremely pleased with how thoughtfully the application has been designed and how user friendly it is.

Seattle Pro Musica spent several years working with a huge database system - a behemoth that required intense training and still wouldn't pull the reports we needed! We were actively searching for other options when a fortuitous presentation from a representative of United Way introduced us to Sumac. From the beginning, Sumac impressed us with its scalability, affordability, and ease of use. With Sumac, our staff and board members are able to access our data in a clean and clear format - which has helped us to make major improvements in constituent relationship management.

We're thrilled that we joined the Sumac community. There aren't enough positive things I can say about Sumac. It has given us a better handle on every aspect of our organization ' communications, donations, memberships, and contacts are all far better organized than they ever were with Raiser's Edge, which we were using before. With Sumac, data is easier to input, retrieve, and organize.

The entire system is remarkably user-friendly. I felt confident using it after only a few days. Of course, that has to do with their customer support, too ' if every company provided service as good as Sumac's, the working world would be a happier and more efficient place. I love Sumac. It has allowed me to track all of our donor's information super easily. I purchased it originally so that I could issue tax receipts to our donors, but have found it useful to track giving based on correspondence and fundraising events. We started small, but as we grow so does our need to gather information. Sumac is also great because I can manage my contact list for mailings through it.

Any questions I have are answered quickly through tech support either via e-mail or on the phone. Sumac also provides updates regularly, so that means they're paying attention to their customers' input. The manual, training and live support have allowed me to learn how to use this tool quickly. SUMAC support staff are readily accessed and very responsive. The database is working well for us, with options that allow us to customize.

We have not come close to tapping the potential of the database, but I can see where we could optimize.

Skygo app not working on mac

No complaints! Sometimes our needs are so unique that they have not been anticipated by the current version. It has the ability to generate Charity Receipts It is usable as a stand-alone customer relations program. Most notably, it has assisted our strategies to more fully integrate audience development and private sector fundraising campaigns. Sumac support staff are responsive, approachable, knowledgeable, caring and willing to adjust programs so that they work for our organization, rather than our organization working around their system.

We're big fans of Sumac at Cahoots. First, the interface is highly intuitive which is important for a company like ours where we have a lot of volunteers and new faces coming in to update our data. Second, the product does everything we need from communications to donation tracking. Finally, the quality of customer support is superior to any other product I've seen.

Any questions we've had have been addressed in a prompt, professional, and courteous manner. I have recommended this product to many colleagues and will continue to do so in the future. I am really happy with Sumac and feel we made the perfect decision on software.

I was very impressed with how easy the transition between systems was and how well you responded to our questions and feedback about the software. Most people talk the talk, but when it comes to doing it they just ignore it. You listened and responded in an efficient and useful way. I would recommend Sumac to charities large and small who want an easy transition and a user friendly database that will meet all of your fundraising needs.

Sumac has been a fantastic productivity enhancer that results in us getting more done with less time invested. We are always looking for ways to be more donor centric and this is another great multiplier of those effects. I also have the highest respect for customer focused companies who take the time to actually listen, but when they act on suggestions words can't describe my appreciation.

The Sumac team has earned our respect and business for a job beyond well done. Setting up Sumac has been extremely beneficial to our team and our work. We have integrated the software into all our business processes resulting in significant gains in time and efficiency. Our Members are already reaping the benefits. Sumac is easy to use, and possibilities for future developments and support for new projects are numerous. It's a good product overall. You can customize it to do what you need it to do. It takes awhile to get set up and going, but once everyone in your organization has been trained you should be clear sailing.

This has been a nightmare for one organization I work with. The switch from a manually managed membership list to an integrated data base has been smooth thanks to the excellent support from Sumac support and other staff. As a new user, they have helped us through the data loading process, and have provided several tutorials for our officers, always willing to go the extra mile to guide us through the learning process. To date, Sumac has met all our data requirements, and we look forward to our continuing relationship.

Thanks Sumac! Sumac has been invaluable in helping us accurately track our members and friends! Using the easy reports created by Sumac, we saw a new picture of our donors. We quickly realized that a few of our supporters had continually given small donations ' which added up to quite a lot!

We hadn't had a clear picture of how generous they had actually been until it was laid out simply in Sumac. We've now done a much better job of tracking, and properly thanking, all our donors. TFW is committed to serving our supporters well, at the same time as maintaining low administration costs.

With Sumac, we got the perfect solution excellent customer service and an easy-to-use product at an affordable price. Within moments of installation, Sumac was helping us manage donor communications and preferences with greater efficiency and effectiveness. We now rely on Sumac every day to reach our high standards and those of our supporters. It easily manages our membership, donations, events, campaigns, reporting and more. Transition between systems was faster and easier than I could have imagined. Our administration processes have been streamlined in a way that was never possible before.

We finally have control over our data and a real picture of everything we do! Support is excellent! Sumac was very responsive to questions and also very responsive to suggestions. I am used to waiting months for changes to be made and with Sumac we see releases quite often that incorporate requested improvements. This software is great value for your money. It has great features and is more reasonably priced than other packages. We are very excited about the possibilities of this amazing program.

Sumac is an enormous time and effort saver for promoting shows and has the potential to seriously increase our level of earned and private sector revenues. Peter Turk is a delight to work with and is passionate about assisting companies to achieve their goals with Sumac. He was extremely patient and pleasant during the training process, which made it fun and easy.

Sumac has proven to be a most useful tool for the Society.

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We are now able to effectively manage a growing database of membership and professional contacts, as well as donors. Prior to installing Sumac, regular contact with our membership was a challenge now we are able to send correspondence on a regular basis and with ease. We appreciate the prompt and courteous support that Sumac continues to provide. SUMAC wins the prize for the tech company that consistently provides patient, helpful and good advice. We recently had a problem with sending bulk email and Sumac was the only one of the four providers that we dealt that took the time to listen to us and to help us solve the problem.

Not only that, our Sumac advisors actually called us and emailed us to ensure that the problem was solved. I was very impressed with Sumac's turn-around time on our data conversion. Within a week we had a decade's worth of spreadsheets at our fingertips in a central location.

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Sumac and its staff have been really supportive and so responsive to our specific needs and even our suggestions for improving the software. I can't imagine having such a hands-on relationship with any other company. My staff loves Sumac because it's easy to learn and use. I like the fact that we can add Options as our needs and our budget dictate. When it comes to technical support, we have found that the Sumac team is very approachable, easy to work with, and really understand our needs.

We can also customize the system to our exact situation, and this is proving to be very helpful. Sumac converted all our historical data records, from several sources. In less than a week we were up and running, sending and tracking newsletters to our newly consolidated list of constituents. Sumac has made our communication and fundraising efforts more effective and much more efficient. In fact I think it paid for itself in the first week. Currently our Data has been scattered in dozens of excel files and it can be time consuming to find what you need.

Before Sumac, we used a custom database built using Microsoft Access. It made it difficult to organize our donors and pledges. Analyzing information for development purposes was almost impossible. When we switched to Sumac, our staff was excited with its ease of use and power. Things that used to take a few days now take an hour or two. Sumac software is logical, easy to navigate and efficient. The program greatly facilitates managing our member database, communications, donations and comparative reports. Peter Turk and his associates are responsive, eager to help and always searching for input to upgrade their product.

We are very glad to be using the program! I really like the prospect weighting function in Sumac. It seems to have been designed with all the key variables that fundraisers look for in mind. I can use Sumac to assign specific values to such things as capability, commitment and contact history ' the three C's we all use when setting priorities. Can purchase without being forced to pay a monthly fee. Much better than Fund-Raiser Basic, which is what I have happily switched from.

Incredible depth of documentation -- practically unheard of. There's really very little to not like about this product, but I have to write characters to satisfy the review system. As a national organization with a staff of five, the Writers Trust relies on Sumac to manage diverse contact groups and maintain quality communication with its donors. The database streamlines daily tasks while establishing institutional memory that will ensure future stability and growth. Thanks to Sumac, we are finally getting some control over our database. The program is easy to use and incredibly helpful in organizing contacts, communications and fundraising initiatives.

The staff at Sumac are wonderfully patient and supportive. Three cheers for Sumac! Home Membership Management Software Sumac. Sumac by Sumac. Free Demo. Who Uses This Software? Average Ratings Reviews 4. Review This Product! Starting Price. Free Version. Yes , get a free demo. Online Business Hours. About Sumac Sumac is robust, customizable fundraising software that includes online donation forms. Sumac Features Membership Management Features.

View full list of Membership Management Software. Donation Management Features. View full list of Donation Management Software. Fundraising Features. View full list of Fundraising Software. Human Services Features. View full list of Human Services Software. Social Work Case Management Features. Sumac Reviews Recently Reviewed! Sort by: Sumac is an affordable, customizable system for case management and reporting. Aug 10, Beverly C. Reviewer Source. We looked long and hard to find appropriate software. Jun 26, Lois R. Sumac - robust and affordable CRM.

Sep 22, Monica P. Likelihood to Recommend: Not Likely Extremely Likely. Customized Database. Nov 22, Verified Reviewer. Indispensable tool at our office. There's no facet of our operation that doesn't rely on Sumac. May 09, Non-Profit Organization Management, employees. Really, really helpful and easy-to-use software. Mar 15, Clare S. Silvia D. User friendly Excellent customer support New releases on regular basis Cons: Sumac is a compact and powerful tool. Our challenge is developing internal skills to use it fully.

May 14, Greg W. May 08, Corissa H. Money saved, and a whole lot of hassle and time saved! Sumac is very user-friendly. I like how we can use it for donors, volunteers and clients. Jan 12, Tina B. Sumac Membership System. Sep 08, There were really no downside to this software, it worked as expected and was easily accepted by Overall: Sumac has been extremely helpful to our organization to track our client and donor database. May 10, Joanne K. Fairly easy to navigate even for someone with fairly basic computer literacy. Anne W. Overall Positive Experience.

Easy to use and navigate. Good Customer Service. May 11, Kevin P. An easy way to manage our membership and donations programs. The IT guys have been great and very helpful. Crystal Wacker K. Mar 07, Mary A. Sumac was a life saver when our privately designed database stopped working. Janet C. Also the reporting in sumac is so much more advanced Cons: Sumac is a great option for not-for-profit organizations that are looking for database management. May 23, Colleen M. We had a challenging start, but over the past 6 months have had much better results with support. May 17, Jennifer D.

Sumac is a great value if you are a small nonprofit, even for an arts organization. May 15, I have found it easy to use for the program I work with. Laura J. Access to information and statistics quickly. Sumac is quite easy to use and has great support staff. Amanda B. It is great that users are able to sign in with their login Cons: Sumac for NonProfits. Dec 20, Maureen W. I highly recommend it for other non-profits. Sumac has been very useful with my everyday tasks for our adult literacy program. Amanda C. This has seamlessly streamlined so many of our processes.

Danya O. We purchased Sumac to bring together numerous spreadsheets and software that we used to track data. Dianne M. Excellent and good value for money. Allie H. Serena Richardson. May 25, Serena R. Good value for the price for not for profit organizations. It does everything that we need it to do.

Best 5 VPNs for Sky Go Italia that still work in 12222 (so you can watch it anywhere)

Sep 20, Chad R. Sumac has made donor data management simple! Sep 12, Kate L. Would recommend to any non-profit organization. Sistema Toronto Loves Sumac! Nov 06, Hilary J. The software takes some time to learn in order for it to be most effective. David W. Tracking donors, their gifts, and receipting. We couldn't live without Sumac! Nov 19, Jennifer F. Very happy with the end product! Jan 06, Brian N. Elizabeth C.

Took our Segmentation to a whole new level. Aug 23, Kate B. Brett O. Not a bad donor database; but honestly? It's not DonorPerfect. Nothing special. Customizable, easy to set up, affordable. Dec 12, SUMAC has been a great tool in assisting us on managing our client information and donations. Joan W. It's a great tool for our organisation! Carolina R. May 24, Marcia D. The built in reports do not allow different optionss Overall: User Friendly. We love Sumac! Nov 07, Angela V. Sumac - a great tool for non-profits! Feb 27, Great customer service and software that is very cost effective.

Mark O. An OK Program. Feb 06, Rob B. It had decent records, and I liked that you could enter a lot custom ifnormation Cons: Awesome program! Gigi J. We use Sumac because it consolidates member and donor data in one place at a reasonable rate. Alysa P. Even the easiest of functions are unnecessarily complicated.

Carol C. Deeply frustrated with Sumac.

Le migliori VPN per MacOS e quelle da evitare

We are just starting to use the software and so some of the features have not yet been implemented. Gayle M. Huge time saver. Nov 08, Rick F. We have been setting up our membership list on Sumac. The system is quite user friendly. Laura H. Best I've Ever Used.

Jun 17, Nancy M. The best solution for a startup nonprofit! Apr 15, Adam S. Cost-effective, easy-to-use, flexible. Monica E. It has helped modernize our donation and course procedures. Christopher R. Improved data tracking and reporting. Time savings. Sumac is not easy to use. There are to many steps to create thank yous. Jan 16, Deb F. I couls not reccomend this software. Great product, easily best bang for buck out there.

Anita W. Very user-friendly! Mitchell M. We had a very difficult time getting Sumac up and running from both a user and admin perspective.

Skygo app not working on mac - Sky Community

Nov 30, Christina O. We love Sumac!! Jeff M. Laura S. Great customer service and an incredible product!! Ester P. Still waiting for the honeymoon to end. Jun 23, I would not hesitate for a minute to recommend this product! Scalable, affordable, and easy to use. Nov 21, Katie S. Really user-freindly!