When i plug in hdmi no sound mac

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I just bought jack cable today and tried it out: So, you are definitely right. In my defense the back of the screen looks a lot like speakers: Been there many times Sander Sander 21 1. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password.

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Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. I did it successfully before the upgrade. What do I need to do? I tried to connect my macbook pro retina display with my 4k TV but I can only hear the sound on the TV and only the home screen of the macbook can be seen on the TV. Connect HDMI output to HDMI input on video source if another is available on source or run composite or component or optical sound cable to video source TV monitor , from external sound card outputs of choice. Look at Focusrite for the most quality and economic.

Guitar Center carries them. Latency sound delay is not an issue. Gefen among other companies makes a video and sound combo box with hdmi out and inputs to accept your video and audio specific cables to combine them into one HDMI cable to connect to your tv. Works great. Choose sound card for audio output in system preferences, which will be by FireWire or thunderbolt depending on which you used.

I did this for my home theater system and connected it to my 60 inch tv. You can go directly to a monitor and use the built-in monitor speakers or and audio source with more superb sound. Great tutorial! I tried one suggestion that I read from the feed by going into preferences and switching output to hdmi but this did not resolve my issue. I have a presentation for tomorrow and this has become really stressful. Can you please assist to resolve my issue?

Does anyone have any ideas for a solution? I have a My daughter put my evening eye glasses inside the notebook and closed it, cracking the retina display, which pretty quickly spread to almost the entire screen. I do have apple tv and had been connecting that way but now it is difficult to even find the display settings to setup mirroring.

I figured the easiest and quickest thing would be to just hook up directly through an hdmi cable since I have a small flatscreen I can use as a temporary monitor on my desk that has an hdmi port and my Powerbook has an hdmi port also. I expected to just plug each end in, switch to the hdmi input on the tv and have my desktop on the tv. I mean, it is a pretty basic and uncomplicated setup. However, I have no picture.

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And the Mac is not recognizing the tv at all as a device it is attached to. If I go to displays, only the internal retina display is listed. In sounds, only the internal speakers. Nothing else under output. It does not make sense to me as it is directly connected securely on both ends through a brand new HDMI cable. I have triple checked that each end is securely inserted in the ports. The small tv only has one hdmi input channel. And your instructions confirm that I have correctly set it up and should see my desktop.

Does anyone have any ideas here? I need to get my Powerbook fixed but while I am waiting on that, it would make life so much easier if I could use it at least part of the time with this smaller tv as a monitor rather than mirroring to the bigger tv with apple tv…. I restarted also with the tv on, correct hdmi input selected and cables hooked up…. Can you answer this simply: But how do you turn of the imacs Display while doing this having two displays is distracting.

How can one do this easily on an Imac. There is another issue as well I bought a 3 way switcher of ebay it worked very well. Then something happen to it and had to be replaced. Same scenario with exactly the same switcher i received through Ebay. Red light came on when imac was plugged in. But no signal was passing through.

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Stunning picture from the Imac. How do I force audio from all web pages to the TV?

[Solved] No sound from TV when connected to Laptop with HDMI

I am having the same trouble with the cox contour site. Anyone have a solution?


Connect to HDMI from your Mac

Audio works with quicktime player, as well as youtube. I have imac desktop, and am trying to use viseo flatscreen as my display. Im using thunderbolt or mini display to hdmi cable — no adaptors, just single cable with hdmi on one end and thunderbolt on the other. Imac is not recognizing any alterbative display whatsoever. Secondly, i tried using a thunderbolt to dvi cable, with a dvi to hmdi adaptor… still sane results — no recognition. Any help greatly appreciated.

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MacBook Pro, iOS Posted on Sep 29, 2: Page content loaded.

Resolved - No hdmi option in sound output | MacRumors Forums

Sep 30, Quit the app that is playing the video, then open the app again. Nov 3, Nov 5, 5: Same situation here. Super annoying, especially since I have been reporting this to Apple for 6 months while the product was still in Beta and until today. Apparently there really don't care.

It's very interesting that in the bug reporting app for beta MacOS there isn't even a category for Audio or Sound problems! Nov 10, 5: I'm having the same situation. It was there before the upgrade for me as well. Now it's gone and I have to use bluetooth.

Nov 23, 2: Dec 8, 2: I got same problem no sound Mac Pro 4. Dec 11, 7: Dec 23, 8: