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In conclusion, connections last minutes, detects every browser as chrome, so can't upgrade firmware, configuration succeeds 1 out of every 10 tries must of lost 5lbs running up and down the stairs to press WPS button , and can only access the thing once in a blue moon. Other Thoughts: Other thoughts you ask? I personally never owned a trendnet product that wasn't a total piece of junk, it won't even hold down a piece of paper it's so light, that must explain everything. It seems they are notorious for dropping connection. TEW replaced by asus, so much better now on the sending end, the GA is going in the trash.

Works great after configuring the device the first time, when it is new out of box. Connects DVD player to home network very easily. Contacted TrendNet for tech support, s. The device works great again.

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After couple resets, can no longer complete configuration by the Wizard: In general, TrendNet devices have not disappointed me. Kept up speeds playing games like WoW and BF3 with friends who had wired internet connections.

There are no Pro's to this and I thought the people who wrote some of the reviews did not know what they were doing. It might be a software or hardware issue It cannot even see my SSID or any for that matter, then it see's it. It is not consistent at all The quality control is atrocious. Ridiculous experience. After it quits working, and it will, they don't respond to RMA requests after filling out their forms on their website.

Not good for streaming video through consoles. Seems to have more problems as Xbox upgrades their services. I left this out in a heavy rainstorm by accident: But to my surprise, it works like new after letting it dry a week. Hard copy of the the install manual doesn't mention the product static IP but it is in the soft copy on the enclosed CD. If you cycle the power on it by unplugging it or losing power at your home then you will need to log into it with a PC to set it back up again.

I realized after purchase it was a discontinued product from the manufacturer. I certainly hope that TrendNet will support this product and fix the bug that is still in the latest firmware. Unless someone can tell me how to SAVE the configuration so the device still works after a power cycle that would be excellent. View All Seller's Reviews. This item is eligible for Newegg Premier benefits. Are you a Newegg Premier Member? If not, sign up today and get:. The following guidelines apply to all product categories unless otherwise indicated within specific categories.

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Quick Installation Guide for MAC OS X - Airlink101

Back To Combo. Open Box: Images shown are from the NEW version of this item and are for reference only. The actual Open Box product may differ in packaging and included accessories, but has been tested to ensure basic functionality. IEEE N Wireless Gaming Adapter. Select Another Version.

Firmware upgrade over wireless connection may damage the product. Please perform firmware upgrade with "wired" network connection only. Datasheet Italiano.

Datasheet English. Datasheet Deutsch. Quick Installation Guide. Quick Installation Guide English. To use static IP, please make sure it matches your wireless network. Select the wireless mode and the security mode that your current wireless network is using. WEP Encryption For bit encryption, enter 10 hexadecimal characters, For bit encryption, enter 26 hexadecimal characters.

Click Next to continue the setting. Confirm your new settings. It is recommended that you save or print your wireless settings with the Save or Print buttons. Once finished, click Apply to continue. Network 4. In this case, you must also configure the following fields.

Use this option to make custom profiles and store new profile for later use.

N Wireless Gaming Adapter - TRENDnet TEWGA

Configure the setting to connect to a wireless network, selection option for network type, SSID, and wireless security. When adding an Profile, please make sure your information matches your existing wireless network. Security Mode Unless one of these encryption modes is selected, wireless transmissions to and from your wireless network can be easily intercepted and interpreted by unauthorized users.

None No encryption. Four keys can be defined so that you can change keys easily. A default key is selected for use on the network. Click on the Scan button to search for wireless network to join. From this window, you can also add the selected network to your profile by clicking the Add Profile button. To connect to the desire wireless network, click on the Connect button to join a wireless network from this site survey window.

Wireless Modes 2. Although the wireless n operates in the 2. However, it can also increase error rate in some installations, due to increased sensitivity to radio-frequency reflections. Select the option that works best for your installation. WMM Power Saving An option that allows wireless clients such as notebooks or Laptops to save battery life by sending less transmission during idle times.

Add a check mark to enable this option.

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  • TEW-647GA (Version 2.xR).

PIN Settings A PIN is a unique number that can be used to add to the router and use that as an authentication key to join the existing wireless network. Client PIN Shows the current value of the adapter. Once you have a firmware saved on your computer, use this option to browse for the file and then click Apply to upload the file into the adapter. Export Settings This option allows you to export and then save the router's configuration to a file on your computer. Be sure to save the configuration before performing a firmware upgrade. Import Settings Use this option to restore previously saved router configuration settings.

Load Factory Defaults This option restores all configuration settings back to the settings that were in effect at the time the router was shipped from the factory. This is a database of network devices that are allowed to access resources on the network. Access Point AP. Device that allows wireless clients to connect to it and access the network Ad-hoc network Peer-to-Peer network between wireless clients Address Resolution Protocol ARP.

CAT 5 Category 5. A predetermined value or setting that is used by a program when no user input has been entered for this value or setting DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol: Used to automatically assign IP addresses from a predefined pool of addresses to computers or devices that request them Digital certificate: An electronic method of providing credentials to a server in order to have access to it or a network The most widely used technology for Local Area Networks.

File server A computer on a network that stores data so that the other computers on the network can all access it File sharing Allowing data from computers on a network to be accessed by other computers on the network with different levels of access rights Firewall A device that protects resources of the Local Area Network from unauthorized users Graphical user interface Half-duplex Data cannot be transmitted and received at the same time Hashing Transforming a string of characters into a shorter string with a predefined length Hexadecimal Characters and A-F The action of data packets being transmitted from one AP to another Host Computer on a network HTTP Internetwork Packet Exchange is a networking protocol developed by Novel to enable their Netware clients and servers to communicate Internet Service Provider Java A programming language used to create programs and applets for web pages Kbps Kilobits per second Kbyte Kilobyte Local Area Network Latency