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Incoming mail server settings

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Outgoing mail server (SMTP) settings

Hi all, just upgraded from How on earth do I set the mail db location in this new server version? Anyone done this before? Thank you so much!

The Sonnet xMac Mini Server XMACMSA Unboxing - Turn your Mac Mini into a Expandable Rackmount Server

Any clue how to do it? There seems to be a problem with postfix logging, which is completely absent. Log level has been set to info, to no avail. Anybody know a solution or a way to find the problem? All my other services work fine. How about a write up extending mail to include DKIM? I always enjoyed your write ups as they are very detailed. It is possible to assign a properly named SSL cert per mail domain. I want to be able to use individual certs to certify each mail domain. Mail is one of the hardest services to manage.

Actually, mail is pretty simple in and of itself: As a systems administrator of a large number of mail servers, I firmly believe that there is a special kind of hell where only spam is served at every meal for spammers. Here, the evil spammers must also read every piece of spam ever sent for eternity.

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The things that mail administrators need to focus on to keep that mail server flowing mail to and from everyone else in the world: Static IP address. Port Forwards. Port forwards need to be configured on the gateway for the SMTP port at a minimum and more than likely other ports used to access mail on client devices 25, , etc DNS records. An MX record and some kind of mail.

There should also be reverse records for the address of the server, usually created by the Internet Services Provider, or ISP, that match that record. Check the RBLs. Mail filtration message hygiene. However, this is often not enough. Third party services such as MXLogic help to keep mail from coming into your network.

At the configuration screen is a sparse number of settings: Configures all of the domains the mail server will listen for mail for. Each account on the server has a short name and each domain name will be available for each short name. For example, an account with a shortname of charles will be available for email addresses of charles pretendco.

Click Edit for a list of sources that accounts can authenticate against e. Active Directory, Open Directory, Custom, Local, etc and in some cases the specific password algorithms used for mail.

OS X Server: How to set up the Mail service

Push Notifications: Relay outgoing mail through ISP: Provide a server that all mail will get routed through from the server. For example, this might be an account with your Internet Services Provider ISP , an account on an appliance that you own such as a Barracuda or with an external filtering service such as MXLogic. Limit mail to: Configure the total amount of mail a user can have in the mail store, in Megabytes. Edit Filtering Settings: Configure antivirus, spam assassin and junk mail filters. At this point, you should be able to telnet into port 25 of the host to verify that SMTP is listening, preferably from another mail server: This is stored in mail: To enable this option: However, utilizing the websites service and the 3rd-party open-source Roundcube , OS X Server may be configured to host its own webmail service that ties into the OS X Server Mail backend.

I have two final pieces of advice to take into account when administratively managing an email server. One, backup, backup, backup! Email is stored in mailboxes on the server and should be backed up regularly. Since Time Machine services are also included in OS X Server , this provides a great way to backup the Mail and server itself — and makes for a very easy restore process if the server encounters issues. Two, be vigilant and monitor the mail server's resources carefully.

Mastering macOS Server, Part 5: Mail and Calendar Services | Other World Computing Blog

As the level of users increases, the available storage space can decrease exponentially due to overuse and abuse — not to mention exceeding bandwidth usage by sending large attachments and sapping the server of important memory and CPU cycles. Using the Stats pane will give the sysadmin a good overview of the daily usage cycles and their impact on server-side resources. What other tips and tricks would you recommend for setting up the Mail service in OS X? Share your expertise in the discussion thread below. He brings 19 years of experience and multiple certifications from seve He brings 19 years of experience and multiple certifications from several vendors, including Apple and CompTIA.

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