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View your scores and flight data for both these games on the AR. Drone Academy profile. Race 2 has been added in the Games section of the AR. Freeflight 2. The menu items have been reorganised along with the control interface buttons. Bug fixes. Drone Academy map now uses the Apple Maps service. The display of flight maps and additional map elements have been revised to improve the display speed which now also automatically refreshes when you explore the map.


The way flights and additional map elements are displayed within the app has now been revised which has improved the speed of the display which refreshes automatically when you explore the map. Find thousands of user videos using the AR. Flights with shared videos or photos are now shown by an icon or a thumbnail on the map so they are easier to find. The superimposed telemetry display showing speed, altitude and battery level is now also available for these videos.

A new option has also been developed to make it easier for you to share videos and photos. You now have the option to share all your videos and photos automatically on YouTube and Picasa however this feature only works if AR. The overall performance of the application has now been enhanced to improve your experience of the AR.


FreeFlight version 2. Drone Academy Map will now load even if the location service is disabled -- The Absolut Control icon will not appear anymore when you pilot an AR. Drone first generation. Drone Academy beta , upgrade your flight experience: Get a pilot profile on AR. Drone videos enhanced with in-flight data Share them easily on facebook or Youtube.

Autonomous AR Parrot Drone 2.0 Flying

Find the best places to fly with AR. Drone Share your flight data with other pilots Score your best flights. Drone Academy Improve your flying experience with AR. See all your flights on the Academy map, watch your videos, enhanced with in-flight data and share them with pilots throughout the world. Opening of AR. Drone flights Share your flight data with other pilots Find the best places to fly Link your flight data with the matching videos Score your best flights Activate flips in 4 directions: Contains a new firmware update for the AR.

Drone to play with new games coming soon. This version contains a new firmware update for the AR. Test your skills as an AR. Drone pilot by completing 3 unique challenges and try to win a trip to Las Vegas or one of several other prizes. All details on www.

Fly from your iMac or Macbook with "Drone Station" -

Drone is now set on access-point mode. Users should expect better WiFi stability, and better reconnections on battery changes. Drone firmware update for all previous firmware versions including 1. The reset button now resets the trim values. Please fly in a safe area, away from humans, animals, and valuables. When using the balance board, make sure you have a large flying area unless you are extremely coordinated. Start with minimal flight maximum settings and work your way up.

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If new firmware for the AR. Drone is released, please wait and check this description or the in app news to see if it is compatible. Always reset your drone after a firmware update to ensure compatibility.


Check out http: If you are having a problem connecting, please press the "unpair" button on the bottom of your drone. If you are still having problems, please contact me at support logicapplications. Thanks, -John. This app controls my Ar Drone 1. I am a Mode 2 flyer and I can not even fly using this app, The description states that it is mode 2 and 3 compatible but I find nowhere how to change the mode.

I was really hoping this software would be a nice alternative to using a tablet or idevice but with the lacking mode feature this software is no better and I really wish I could get my money back because it looks like the developer has all but abandoned this app. This is very disappointing and I am disappointed about the support for this app. No thanks. Latest in Drones. US Army creates a drone-netting grenade. DIY drone kit lets you build your own wooden quadcopter VTOL drone improves on its predecessor in almost every way.

Titan underwater drone gets a robotic arm. FAA proposes relaxing drone laws, potentially allowing drone deliveries to begin. DJI's smart new drone controller sports a built-in, HD, ultra-bright screen. Drone sighting grounds flights out of UK's Heathrow Airport. AirSelfie rolls out sharper and smarter camera drones for CES.

Gatwick shutdown: How do you stop drones from hovering around airports? Nest-site-spotting drones may be a nightjar's best friend. Adaptable drone folds while flying to get through gaps.