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If I want to use Activity Monitor is my only option: Here is how my CPU history is displayed in the Dock: MrDaniel MrDaniel I'm curious what model of mac isn't showing all the virtual cores in the display.

CPU Cores Explained

I know I've seen 8 in the dock recently - but I rarely choose to see single cores as the need to find a stuck single threaded process is low for me most of the time. Its a Mac Pro, everymac. I'll keep digging and post back if I find a solution. You can choose the option Show CPU history from the context menu which you get by right-clicking the Dock icon of the Activity Montior: If your hardware or software doesn't show all the cores you wish in Activity Monitor, free tools like MenuMeters allow multiple CPU usage history to be shown in the menubar rather than the dock: Wonder why CPU history in the Dock is not displaying as yours does?

MrDaniel You have a Mac Pro with 8 physical cores, right? I 'only' have a quad-core i7 processor with 8 logical cores. A physical core is a group of transistors on a chip that implements a core. A logical core is something that appears to be a core to the operating system and user programs.

In the vast number of cases, these are the same. However, Intel's Hyperthreading technology and maybe others makes each physical core appear as two logical cores. You can do this using the sysctl utility: Ahmed Younes 70 On a mid 1. Can you explain the discrepancy? JoshuaFlanagan how many physical cores does the machine have and what chip is it? If it's a core i7 with 2 physical cores for example, it will show as 4 because the chip supports hyper-threading and presents itself to the OS as if it has 4 addressable cores. If you really care, try sysctl hw. Please don't change the answer years after I've accepted it.

Doesnt work on Early Mac running El Capitan.

How to get number of actual CPUs in the t… - Apple Community

I get "error: Frozen Flame's answer worked. Even easier: Matt The number reported by this is actually double the number of cores is your processor supports hyper-threading. MacBookPro9,2 Processor Name: Intel Core i5 Processor Speed: This should be cross platform. Frozen Flame Frozen Flame 1, 1 13 To do this in C you can use the sysctl 3 family of functions: Mike, thanks for the edit, didn't realize that oldplen was an in-out parameter.

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It's in a bash script; typing time is irrelevant. Notice the capitalization: Hardware Overview: Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro9,1 Processor Name: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: You're seeing Hyperthreading at work.

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This lets each core handle two execution threads not necessarily the same as OS threads, such as pthreads. All CPU cores must share access to the same physical memory and therefore have to take turns to read from or write it. Like the Ladies bathroom at a movie theatre, a long queue can form waiting for access—the cores actually become idle for much or even most of the time that they are allegedly computing; they are forced to wait most of the time for their memory access operations to complete.

This is why one can observe full CPU utilization on an 8-core system How , but see only only Scalability keeps improving with newer chips and faster memory however.

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With a well-engineered program, memory bandwidth is one key reason why an eight core machine might not run any faster than a quad-core machine, or might even run a little bit slower. However, programs that are primarily computation-intensive can show exactly double the performance with eight cores instead of four. Like memory bandwidth, disk speed or network speed can throttle performance.

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Any program capable of using all 8 cores might needs a lot of data think HD video. Other programs are all about computation, and have no such dependency. A well-designed program will be able to process data while simultaneously reading from disk , leading to a situation in which the CPU speed has hardly any effect on execution time.

This offers huge potential: And sometimes different software is the answer. Another multi-core problem is that software today is frequently not written to take advantage of multiple cores efficiently; it is technically challenging to write efficient threaded code that is free of threading bugs threading bugs are those that result from incorrectly-written threaded code. See Application support for multiple CPU cores. A highly scalable program will run approximately N times as fast on an N-core system as on a single-core system, at least for reasonable values of N eg up to 16 cores.

Creating a scalable program requires a very high degree of expertise; it is relatively easy to write code that runs efficiently on dual-core systems, runs a little faster on quad-core systems, then shows no further improvement beyond four cores.

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Adobe Photoshop CS3 is an example of a popular program that scales fairly well to dual-core systems, but shows little improvement on quad-core systems. Some computing problems cannot be solved in a threaded parallel fashion; there are too many serial ordered dependencies to allow multiple worker threads to work simultaneously. There is no legitimate reason that a Save could not be in progress while the user works on another image. Display info: